Unafraid – Spring 2018 Sermon Series

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Unafraid – Spring 2018 Sermon Series

Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times

Spring sermon series beginning at both the Hollywood campus and at Harmony Toluca Lake April 8th.
You’d be hard-pressed to overstate the extent to which fear, anxiety, and worry permeate our lives today. Fear wreaks havoc on our relationships and communities. It leads us into making bad decisions. It holds us back from the very pursuits that promise fulfillment and joy.
Making matters worse, not a week goes by when some new threat or calamity isn’t dominating the headlines. Why are there so many tragedies? we wonder. What will happen next?  Drawing on recent research, inspiring real-life examples, and fresh biblical insight, we will unpack how to untangle the knots we feel about disappointing others, failure, financial insecurity, loneliness, insignificance, and aging.

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