Scripture Journaling – Harmony Toluca Lake


Scripture Journaling

(The Gospel According to Mark)


This summer during our Harmony – Toluca Lake focus on the Gospel of Mark, we are
engaging in the Bible more deeply by “Scripture Journaling.” In this experience of
scripture reading and journaling, we can record and reflect on our thoughts and
feelings, as well as be candid with both God and ourselves. All you need is access to
Bible scriptures, a blank journal or notebook, and a pen / pencil.

The process: be open to what the Divine Creator has to say to you; locate the scripture
reading; read the passage, open your journal and write what God has revealed to you
in your reading.

In your journal, there are four simple steps: first, record the word, verse or phrase of
the scripture reading that stood out to you; second, make an observation about what
the scripture passage says about God and/or life; third, ask how this applies to your life
personally and how you are different today because of what your read; fourth, write a
short prayer.

Over the course of twelve weeks, the scripture passages will be listed. Choose to
participate daily or as you feel drawn to do. The key is express yourself, seek clarity
from the Spirit, and be open to experience growth and new depth in your relationship
with God.

Also, each Sunday morning at 9:45 am in the fellowship hall at Harmony, a facilitator
will lead a small group discussion for those interested in sharing about their experience.
All are welcome!


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