#ResistHarm: We Stand Against All Things anti-LGBTQIA+

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#ResistHarm: We Stand Against All Things anti-LGBTQIA+


A movement is a group of people working together toward a common goal. Our movement is focused on resisting the anti-LGBTQ Traditional Plan. Our goal is to resist and repeal the blatant discriminatory harm targeted at our LGBTQ siblings and allies by leveraging our collective power beyond small-group organizing to build and sustain change.

In this movement, we are united by our common interest in rejecting and resisting the Traditional Plan and the harm it enacts on LGBTQ persons in The United Methodist Church. Resist Harm is not the only group resisting the Traditional Plan, and we welcome other efforts by people or groups to fight this harmful legislation. As we work together, we create a cycle of generating and building interest, heightening participation, and sustaining long-term growth in the movement to reject and resist the Traditional Plan.

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Rev. Denyse with her sermon called, “A Different Way”

Our Hollywood Campus:

Resist HUMC

Our Harmony Toluca Lake Campus:

Resist Harmony #2

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