Living With Belief Systems Other Than Your Own

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Living With Belief Systems Other Than Your Own


As a companion class to Rev. Kathy’s fall theme “Faith & Values: Living a Progressive Spiritual Life,” Professor Stephanie Blondell will examine living a progressive spiritual life through the lens of the psychology of conflict.

How do we implement love? Specifically, how do we live in a community where others hold belief systems other than our own? How do we stay connected and engage in dialogue? Whether you are surrounded by others with differing beliefs in your home, in your family, at work, or at church, this is a class for you.

This is a three-part exploration of living with belief systems other than your own with a special emphasis on self-regulation, and the development of communication techniques, all through the lens of conflict resolution theory.

Class One will explore why we disagree, looking at human conflict interaction through the lens of neuro-collaboration. The skill presented will be interest identification as the foundational building block to the vocabulary of conflict resolution.

Class Two will explore self-regulation in relation to belief systems other than our own, and provide concrete tools on how to listen through differences.

Class Three will present and propose dialogue models that support leading through difference.

Classes will meet via Zoom from 7-8:30 pm on Monday evenings September 26, October 3 and October 10.

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