Kathy Baldock – Untangling the Mess Presentation


Kathy Baldock – Untangling the Mess Presentation



We welcome you to join us for this compelling presentation by Kathy Baldock. Spots are limited. Pre-purchased tickets are required as lunch is included in the $20 ticket price.


Beginning with patriarchy, Kathy Baldock investigates the social and sexual roles of men and women focusing on the radical shift occurring from 1860 to the 1920s. Baldock shares her findings from new research on the 1946 RSV translation where the word “homosexual” was introduced for the first time in the Bible—in any language and look at key verses in modern translations.

Updates on research on the Living Bible and New International Version translations notes. Using an easy-to-understand timeline approach attendees will look at key Bible passages, their meanings in ancient times, and how they have been translated over time.

Ed Oxford, co-researcher on Bible translations, will also present biblical translations and contexts, and bring along his significant collection of Bibles dating from the 1500s to present.


  • Origins of Patriarchy
  • The Progression of Understanding of Human Sexuality
  • Beginnings of Psychology of Sexual Behavior
  • Investigation of translations of Corinthians 6: 9-10 arsenokoitai & malakos in ancient texts
  • Research in Yale Archives on the RSV translation notes
  • Persecution of gays from 1940s to 1970s
  • Gays in the military
  • Shift in medical assessment of homosexuality
  • Pastoral psychology
  • Cultural Shifts in Feminism & Gay Rights
  • Bible Translations Leviticus 18:22 & Romans 1 in ancient and modern translations
  • Homosexuality Depathologized
  • Roots of fundamentalism and the rise of the religious right
  • Christian reparative therapy movement
  • Creation of theology around homosexuality
  • LGBTQ Christian movement
  • Complementarity
  • Modern Translations of Same-sex Behavior Verses
  • Discussion
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