Incarnation – Advent Sermon Series 2020

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Incarnation –  Advent Sermon Series 2020


November 29th – December 20th, 2020


Be Transformed this Advent Season!

His parents gave him the name Jesus. But the prophets, the shepherds, the wise men, and the angels addressed him by other names. They called him Lord, Messiah, Savior, Emmanuel, Light of the World, and Word Made Flesh.

Be with us this Advent Season as we examine the names of Christ used by the gospel writers, exploring the historical and personal significance of his birth. Let’s come together to remember what’s important. In the face of uncertainty and conflict, Christians reclaim the Christ Child who brings us together, heals our hearts, and calls us to bring light into the darkness.

Now more than ever, we invite you to reflect upon the significance of the Christ-child for our lives and world today!

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