Hawkins Grant Application

Hawkins Grant Application


Due Date: August 9th, 2024

Award Announcement Date:  September 21st, 2024

Download the application in PDF here


This summer, the HUMC Leon and Susie Hawkins Education Fund scholarship committee will be accepting applications from members of Hollywood UMC / Harmony Toluca Lake for scholarships to be awarded this fall. These scholarships aim to assist recipients with their higher education or vocational training programs. Applications are due by Friday, August 9th, and scholarship recipients will be announced Sunday, September 21st.

Please email this application back to The Hawkins Grant team at scholarship@hollywoodumc.org

For questions about the application process, please contact Pastor Mark Stephenson.


Purpose and Guidelines:

The purpose of this Scholarship is to help members of Hollywood United Methodist
Church and Harmony Toluca Lake who are continuing their studies at an accredited
college, university, technical or trade school. The Leon & Susie Hawkins Education Grant
will be based on church membership, scholastic achievement, financial need, merit, and
special accomplishments.

Each Applicant must email ( hawkins@hollywoodumc.org ) the completed application
and the following:

1. Proof of enrollment in – or acceptance to an accredited college, university,
technical or trade school along with supporting transcripts if necessary.
2. Provide two (2) written references from persons other than relatives. These can
be emailed separately to the Hawkins Scholarship Committee at the email address listed

Applications and necessary documentation for the 2024 award cycle must be
received August 9, 2024. Interviews will be scheduled within 30 days.

In addition, we will require a short update letter from all awardees at the end of the first
school term, letting us know how they are progressing. A reminder will be sent out prior
to the end of the year.

Anyone applying for the award an additional time must provide the committee with an
update on their progress.

Download the application in PDF here

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