Grief Group

Growing through Grief



This is a difficult time for many of us and there is much we are grieving.  IF you would ike to talk to a pastor about any of the challenges you are facing please email Rev Denyse (revdenyse@hollywoodumc.org) to set up an individual counselling session with her or Rev. Sara Lamar Sterling.

Experiences of grief are common to all of us, but there are some losses in life that challenge us with an intensity of grief that exceeds what we feel we can bear.  The loss of a loved one or a beloved pet, the loss of a job or a home, the loss of a dreamed-of opportunity, the breakup of a relationship, and the loss of abilities due to age, injury or illness are some of the losses that bring grief to our lives.  There is help for us as we cope with grief, and participating in a “Growing through Grief” group is one of the ways.

You may bring a photo or other memento related to your loss.

Email Rev. Denyse for more info.

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