Forgive. – Epiphany Sermon Series 2021

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FORGIVE. –  Epiphany Sermon Series 2021


January 3rd – February 14th, 2021


There’s going to be a lot of healing needed in 2021. Healing from the multiple and complex effects of the pandemic, yes; but also healing from the enmity and division that has nearly torn our nation apart over the past few years – some of it based in systemic racism and injustice; some of it based on power and privilege.  For healing to truly begin, on many levels, we have to start with forgiveness.

So, for Epiphany our sermon series is simply entitled Forgive.  Forgiving ourselves, forgiving others (even when we don’t want to), forgiving the past, forgiving the church – we’ll look at all of these, and more.  Being able to forgive and let go will allow us to both heal and move forward constructively, and to build the beloved community for all God’s children.

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