2020 Homeless Count




  • Hollywood Campus will be participating in the Hollywood Homeless Count Thursday, January 23rd from 10pm – 1am
  • Harmony Toluca Lake Campus will be participating in the San Fernando Homeless Count Tuesday, January 21st from 10pm – 1am

Everyone who wishes to participate MUST SIGN UP INDIVIDUALLY.

Click on the name of the city to sign up: Hollywood or Toluca Lake

Why We Count

The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count enables us to gather important data that is key for us to bring about an end to homelessness in Los Angeles.

Through the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, we will:

  • Inform the state of homelessness in LA
  • Bring vital community resources
  • Increase engagement bringing together leaders, residents and stakeholders

How We Count

There are four components to the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count. Each of these components plays a vital role in understanding the state of homelessness in Los Angeles:

  • Street Count:

A visual-only tally of everyone unsheltered experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. This is the bulk of our volunteer opportunity and community engagement

  • Shelter/Institutional Count:

A count of everyone experiencing homelessness found in shelters, transitional housing, hospitals, and correctional facilities

  • Demographic Surveys:

A survey-based collection of all demographic information of those experiencing homelessness

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