Art + Faith – August Sermon Series

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Art + Faith – August Sermon Series


This August, be with us as we start our new sermon series – Art + Faith

Imagination, like art, has often been seen as suspect by Christians who perceive the art world as an assault upon traditional values. Nevertheless, could what be deemed marginal or “useless” be what is most essential for God? Can art be the holy space in which the story of faith is re-translated and re-envisioned?

During the month of August, the connective relationship between art and faith, and artist and the living Creator will be explored – centering on four diverse artists: Makoto Fujimura, Thelma Johnson Streat, Vincent van Gogh, and Sister Mary Corita Kent. And we’ll discover how the Spirit explicitly / implicitly moves through their art.

Starting Sunday, August 1st at 10:30 am during Harmony’s “live” worship service via Zoom and Facebook livestream, let’s come together in the sacred wading for how art and imagination enriches our Christian faith journey.

  • August 1st — I’ll focus on Makoto Fujimura and Psalm 139:1-6, 13-14.
  • August 8th — Elliott focuses on Thelma Johnson Streat.
  • August 15th — I’ll focus on Vincent van Gogh and Psalm 139:7-12 + Isaiah 41:8-10.
  • August 22nd — Pastor Bridie focuses on Sister Mary Corita Kent.

Any questions, please email Pastor Mark.

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