Treasure – Sermon Series November 2017

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Treasure – Sermon Series November 2017


Matthew 6:21 — Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.


Treasure begins: All Saints Sunday, November 5th through 26th.

Whether you are in plenty or in want, money has a direct connection to your values, your faith, and the health of your relationships. It’s no wonder that in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus presented a radical message about our “treasure” and our hearts.In this 4-week sermon series, we will use the Sermon on the Mount to reexamine what our treasure is. How do we spend our time, energy, and money? If our hearts follow our treasure, as Jesus taught, then we’d better make sure they are aligned.


Pastor Denyse’s Sunday morning class at 9:45 AM at the Hollywood Campus will be following the study guide for this 4 week sermon series from November 5th through 26th.

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