Reforming Your Life | 3 Simple Rules – Fall 2017

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Reforming Your Life | 3 Simple Rules – Fall 2017


There is no one secret to life. But there are three simple rules that have the power to change your life and your world. John Wesley taught and practiced these rules many years ago. Now it is up to us to practice this way of living.


  • Do no harm
  • Do good
  • Stay in love with God


Not only can these rules change your life, they can change the world. This insightful work calls us to mutual respect, unity, and a deeper daily relationship with God.

“Every year I review the three general rules of the United Methodist Church with those who are being ordained. Now I have a wonderful ordination gift to give them in Bishop Job’s, Three Simple Rules, to start and deepen the conversation as they enter a new relationship with the church. Bishop Job has described “by attending upon all the ordinances of God” to be to “stay in love with God.” It’s a fresh language that speaks especially to long-time Christians and United Methodists.”

Sally Dyck, Resident Bishop, Minnesota Area


“Three Simple Rules is a new catechism for everyone wanting to follow Jesus Christ. These practices for holy living should replace the membership vows in every church! Don’t let the title fool you. Bishop Job writes, ‘The rules are simple, but the way is not easy. Only those with great courage will attempt it, and only those with great faith will be able to walk this exciting and demanding way.’”     

John Hopkins, Resident Bishop, East Ohio Area


Copies of the book can be purchased at the Welcome Table every Sunday for $4, and will be helpful background for the sermon series and for Pastor Denyse’s Sunday morning class at 9:45 AM.  

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